Monday, February 21, 2011


By Mona Lake Jones, Ed.D.

I'm getting ready to unleash!

I've decided to let my spirit go free
I'm ready to become the woman I was meant to be

I've either been somebody's daughter, mother or wife
And now it's time for me to take charge of my life.

I've been pondering all this time trying to decide just who I am
At first I thought it depended on whether I had a man.

Then I had the notion that simply just because
Others had more seniority, they could decide who I was.

I played all the roles that were expected and I seldom asked why
I've had my wings closed up, but now I'm ready to fly.

I've been awakened and I finally see the light
I'm about to make some changes and set a few things right.

With my attitude and the knowledge I possess
I may create a whole new world order and clean up all this mess!

Stand back and watch me.
I'm getting ready to unleash!

Jones, L. M. Unleashing the power of a sister. (Publishing information unknown).
Photo Credit: Borrowed from Edmonds Community College website.

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